Snapchat Lens Creator: Laurent Klenja

Editors Note: You can design your own effects from downloading Lens Studio. A free program on MacOS & Windows 10, which lets people put their creativity into lenses. Download Lens Studio

The boredom of creating effects seems to be normal for Laurent Klenja. The designer, who has a dream of becoming a director & songwriter, now makes his living on sharing the funny, colorful, and outstanding crowns. His Snapchat lenses may seem nothing special to most people, but he takes the creativity in his mind to create effects with! I was grateful to speak to Laurent and hear his thoughts on the future of Snapchat and Lens Studio.

Q: How long have you been using Snapchat? When did you start making your own lenses?

A: I’ve been using Snapchat since December of 2013. I started creating my own lenses during quarantine in Jul 23, 2020, at 2:24 PM named “laurent klenja”. I did not think that my effects would ever blow up the way it did.

Q: Where do you see your career going?

A: I see it going from me still continuing making effects, for those who use them everyday.

Q: Which lens is ur current favorite that you made?

A: My personally favorite i created has to be “ albanian crown” or “ dark vision”, since these effects make me look good. Albanian crown is a Snapchat lens you use and it shows a crown when you press the lens, Dark vision is a lens that has a night/dark type vibe.

Snapcodes for albanian crown & dark vision

Q: Who gave you the idea to start making lenses?

A: One of my friends made an effect in 2019 and after that i’ve always wanted to start creating effects myself.

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